Why the newest Nobel laureate is optimistic about beating climate change


#TIA – It’s ordinarily safe to yield to Nobel laureates so I hope these two are right in their optimism on climate change. They may have read our dictum on nothing happening before the last minute.

“Today, the Nobel Prize in economics was awarded to two economists who found ways of integrating innovation and sustainability into mainstream macroeconomic models.

William Nordhaus of Yale University is considered the father of climate-change economics. As it happens, he won the prize on the same day that the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change put out a report warning that we are running out time in the fight against global warming. “If you called on almost any day, there will be a story in the newspapers, science journals or economic journals about climate change and its impacts,” he said. “That’s a sign of its ubiquitous nature.””

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