What Happened in the Dark: Puerto Rico’s Year of Fighting for Power


#TIA – There was a hero in Puerto Rico after all. Remember the name Jorge Bracero. 

“Several weeks before he would become a folk hero across Puerto Rico, Jorge Bracero slipped in a puddle at San Juan’s central power plant and broke his leg.

After a few days in a cast, he began to feel pain so intense he was unable to sleep or eat. When doctors realized he had developed blood clots in his injured limb, they prescribed a six-month regimen of blood thinners and barred him from returning to work for the duration.

It was July 2017. So when the first big storms of that hurricane season began bearing down on Puerto Rico, Bracero—a power plant operator with the island’s public electric power authority, known as Prepa—sat on the sidelines, miserable and frustrated, reliant on a pair of crutches.”

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