We’re just starting to grasp how campus rape steals women’s careers before they start


#TIA – You won’t like this story but that’s no reason not to read it. It shows the life-long effect of what is for too many women all too common

“When Anna moved to South Bend, Indiana, to attend Notre Dame University as an engineering student in 2012, the 18-year-old freshman was assigned to Farley Hall, an all-female dormitory where residents are unofficially known as “Farley’s angels.” Like all the residences at the Catholic college, it housed a chapel where students could attend Sunday services.

“Certain dorms were known for having, like, hot chocolate after mass, or pasta, or pizza,” she says. “We were known for bread sticks.”

Dressed in loose layers and a hoodie, Anna (her name has been changed to protect her identity) has met me at a public library in a leafy, upscale New York suburb, near her home. She’s prepared to speak candidly, but says she has mixed feelings about discussing the reason she left not only Farley—which, in keeping with Notre Dame tradition, would have been her home for four years—but also the college she had been so thrilled to enter.”

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