Welcome to Hotel Millennial

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#TIA – We’re already some years behind in discovering the Hotel Millennial but we may be forgiven for withholding a rave review yet longer.

“The first thing I notice about the lobby of Moxy Times Square is the cornhole. The (Moxy-branded) lawn game, in which players attempt to launch bean bags through a hole in a tilted platform, is tucked to the side of the check-in kiosk, as if guests might spontaneously mount an athletic challenge to the hotel’s somewhat lethargic staff. “We have the largest hotel rooftop bar in the city,” my concierge says in a soft monotone. I have to strain to hear her. She hands me two tokens, good for two “Welcome” cocktails.

When I open the door to my 150-square-foot double room, I guffaw with glee at how utterly, egregiously, unapologetically small it is and immediately begin texting my friends pictures. It reminds me of the time well-known indie band Deerhunter performed at my preppy liberal arts college and, after surveying the pitiful turnout from the stage, lead singer Bradford Cox compared it to taking a shit so bad you want to send a photo to your friend.”

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