We followed 15 of America’s teachers on a single day. This is what we learned


#TIA – This is only a small story about an enormous gap in the nation’s educational system: that the glue holding it together is provided largely by the teachers. 

“A teacher whose income was so low, her child qualified for reduced-price lunch. A teacher whose school was so short on staff, he had to fill a shift as a security guard. A teacher who made meals for other teachers to pay for her grocery bill.

We thought we knew teachers, until we followed 15 of them on a single day in September. What we learned: No matter their pay, teachers share in a feeling of disrespect.

They work around the clock and sometimes add a second job to make ends meet. They are burdened by state rules. Parents are too involved or not involved enough.

Yet through it all, they keep teaching America’s children.”

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