We can chip away at rape culture by teaching girls emotional self-defense


#TIA – We can’t say that this defense works against rape but just having to resort to it shows what women are up against almost every day

“In 1970, a New York woman went to a popular army-navy store on the east side of Manhattan called Hudson’s. She picked out a pair of jeans, and tried them on in a storage room since there wasn’t a proper fitting room. As she was changing, a member of staff came into the room, climbed a ladder, and went about rummaging around with his back to her.

“I didn’t like it,” Nadia Telsey, now 71, says. “But I told myself, ‘He’s really not doing anything wrong. He’s just doing his job. And I don’t want to inconvenience his work day.’”

“So now I’m going, ‘Oh man, I don’t like this at all, but maybe he’s trying to help me get a good pair of jeans that fit right,’” says Telsey. “’And he’s not really doing anything wrong.’””

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