Trump’s rambling, angry news conference shows he ignored the message voters sent him


#TIA – If you had reservations about Trump being gracious when he won all the marbles, stand back when he loses one or two. Not to mention a House

NOTHING TESTS character like defeat. President Trump has not had to deal with it much in his brief political career, having smashed through a large field to win the Republican nomination in 2016, followed by a stunning triumph in the general election. Tuesday’s midterm elections, which resulted in his Republican Party’s loss of the House of Representatives, presented Mr. Trump with his first real reversal, and he did not respond well. Whereas his predecessor, President Barack Obama, acknowledged a “shellacking” in the 2010 midterms, and President George W. Bush admitted a “thumping” in 2006, Mr. Trump emphasized — not without reason — his party’s pickups in the Senate and its apparent successful defense of the governors’ mansions in Ohio, Florida, Georgia and Iowa.

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