Trump’s claim of jobs from Saudi deals grows by leaps and bounds


#TIA – Trump’s escalation of number of jobs from Saudi investments multiply in direct proportion to his defending their innocence journalist’s death.

“President Trump is not very precise with numbers, but this is getting ridiculous. He keeps citing U.S. jobs supposedly at risk if arms sales are cut off with Saudi Arabia after the murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi. Not only has the purported number of jobs from a highly tentative arms deal with the Saudis kept climbing day after day, but in the course of few minutes, Trump appeared to go from 600,000 jobs to 1 million.

To be fair, he appeared to be saying that all of the deals he struck in Saudi Arabia — which he valued at $450 billion — would create 1 million jobs. But that’s just as fanciful. (We had earlier documented that the commercial agreements announced after his 2017 trip to the kingdom were mostly smoke and mirrors, with many of the purported deals aimed at creating jobs in Saudi Arabia, not the United States. At the time, Trump claimed they were worth $350 billion.)”

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