Trump says he’s taking ‘revolutionary’ action to lower drug prices


#TIA – For the record, and with no confidence in their reality, we report the administration’s latest song and dance on drug prices.

President Trump took his most significant action yet to lower drug prices, saying his administration is moving to stop “global freeloading” by foreign nations when it comes to the price that Americans pay for prescription drugs. The announcement is a sign that the president and his aides are shifting their focus to health care two weeks before the midterm elections.

In a speech Thursday afternoon at the Department of Health and Human Services, Trump said his administration would be taking the “revolutionary” step of allowing Medicare to directly negotiate prices with drug companies that he says have “rigged” the system, leading to U.S. patients paying more for their medicines.

“Americans pay more so other countries can pay less,” Trump said. “It’s wrong. It’s unfair.”

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