Tired of Dirty Dishes and ‘Hacker Houses,’ Millennials Revamp Communal Living


#TIA – Where there’s a will there’s a way, even if it means it may get a little crowded for the millennials. 

“One night in January 2016, Bryan Cannon was searching for an apartment in Silicon Valley, scrolling through an endless sea of Craigslist ads. He wanted a place he could afford with roommates he liked. That wasn’t a problem in his home state of Michigan, but next to impossible to find in one of America’s most competitive rental markets—where rents averaged a whopping $2,360 for a one-bedroom apartment, and where people have been known to pay to live in converted garages, tool sheds or outdoor tents. Eventually, the 26-year-old science researcher spied a listing for a bedroom in a peach-colored ranch near the headquarters of tech companies like Google and Yahoo. It almost seemed too good to be true: great location, relatively affordable price and a pool? There had to be a catch.”

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