Thousands of Canada’s indigenous children died in church-run boarding schools. Where are they buried?


#TIA – All nations, it would sadly appear, have skeletons in their historical closets. Without pointing out particular prejudice, here is one that Canada must live with. 

“Armed with everything from school attendance records to drones, researchers across Canada are racing to shed light on a bleak part of the country’s history: How many indigenous children died at residential schools, and where are their unmarked graves?

From 1883 to 1998, nearly 150,000 indigenous children were forcibly separated from their families and sent to the government-funded, church-run boarding schools in an attempt to assimilate them. Once there, they were frequently neglected and abused. What happened at the schools was akin to “cultural genocide,” concluded a 2015 report from Canada’s Truth and Reconciliation Commission.”

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