This Melissa McCarthy Story Just Might (Maybe? Possibly?) Cheer You Up


#TIA – Melissa McCarthy won the world as Trump’s press secretary on Saturday Night Live but she’ll never stop working for a laugh.

“Melissa McCarthy was hovering six feet above Los Angeles, in a glass tube, wearing a helmet and goggles. Her limbs were spread out like a starfish, with her legs bent at the knee as if she were a teenager reading on her stomach on her bed and her arms bent at the elbow so that had she been upright, they would have made the shape of a cactus.

Originally, we were scheduled to go to a rage room, which, I think, is a place where you can beat things to death in a disturbing, passive-aggressive cry for help. Neither of us had ever been to one, but honestly, by the time it was suggested to me, it sounded like the cure of and for the century. I’ll probably never know. The local rage room was open for only 15 minutes on a Thursday, which we all found strange because, considering the state of the world, a rage room should maybe be open around the clock as a public service. (“You need to have them like Starbucks,” McCarthy told me later.)”

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