The secret beauty of the bus


#TIA – This author has made the best of an old necessity, but what may matter most is the destination at each end.

“A long, long, time ago, when I was in college in Washington, D.C., I dated a guy who lived in New York City. Because I was a college student with little money and no car, I’d take the bus to see him — four hours and 30 minutes, give or take, each way, on a Greyhound. In the course of somewhere between eight months and two years of dating (I’ve blocked it out, much like those bus trips), I grew to despise not only the guy, but also the bus.

When I could afford it, I told myself, those bus days would be forever gone.

Which goes to say: I’ve put in my time with buses. If I never rode a bus again, I would still have ridden too many buses. Enough bus for me, thanks. I’m bussed out.

But something weird happened. Turns out, I kind of like the bus.”

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