The most successful activists don’t fight backlash, they embrace it


#TIA – A possible word to the wise for all who challenge the status quo: court the backlash. 

“By many measures, America is slowly moving to a more equal and socially just climate. It may take hundreds of years, but advocacy and activism are inching us closer to an idealized version of society: child poverty rates are at record lows, high school graduation rates are up, and public support for same-sex marriage continues to rise, for example. Martin Luther King Jr. evoked this idea when he said “the arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends toward justice.”

In the midst of this progressive change it is easy to get drunk with optimism and lose sight of the fact that while progress is inevitable, so too is backlash against that progress. Every step forward is a fight against the forces that would have us step back.”

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