The human race could live forever—if we can make it through the next 100 years


#TIA – The authors who say we only have 100 years left to save the race will have to be here to prove it.

If we don’t know the dangers that the future brings, how can we prepare for them?

The End of the World is a podcast that explores existential risks, those organic and man-made catastrophes that could bring about the extinction of humanity. The series begins with the origin of life and goes on to list all of the ways Homo sapiens could be snuffed out by nature, before focusing on all the ways we might do it ourselves. Artificial intelligence, biotechnology, physics experiments, nanobots—we may have an odd 5 billion years before we get swallowed up by the sun, but at the rate we’re innovating, it’ll be a wonder if we see another century.

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