The Doomed Island That Loves Trump


#TIA – It’s hard to feel sympathy for all the folks on Tangier Island, yet they too will end up victims of the denial that’s overtaken our times..

“As the summer of 2016 enters its final weeks, the upcoming presidential election looms ever larger on Virginia’s Tangier Island. Tourists travel a harbor channel lined with TRUMP FOR PRESIDENT signs, then step off the boats into a gantlet of them. Golf carts display Trump bumper stickers at bow and stern. One café and cart-rental business is so adorned with Make America Great Again placards and Trump flags that it looks more like a campaign headquarters.

The election even snakes its way into church. “Now, I’m going to get political on you for just a minute,” Pastor John Flood announces in the midst of his sermon at Tangier’s Methodist church one Sunday. “How you vote is between you and the Lord. When you close the curtain, that’s up to you.””

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