The $700 billion case to fight food waste


#TIA – You may want to save this story for another day, no matter how consequential the subject is to the planet. There’s a limit to our ability to save the world in one day. 

“Nearly 870 million people in the world are undernourished, but at the same time, approximately one-third of the global food total supply ends up spoiled, thrown out, or wasted. That’s about 1.6 billion tons of edible material overall, and projected to reach 2.1 billion tons by 2030. Plus, there are hidden costs like the greenhouse gasses that come from rotten food, which continue to be a large contributor to global warming.

For some governments, companies, and nonprofits, the inhumanity of that situation has been enough to spur quick action (massively reducing food waste is a sustainable development goal). For others still on the fence, a new report by the Boston Consulting Group has quantified the problem in terms of cold hard cash: The world’s food loss and waste is projected to be about $1.2 trillion per year by 2030.”