Secret Tattoos, Lesbian Rumors and an Affair That Nearly Killed Her: Inside Dolly Parton’s Endlessly Fascinating World


#TIA – I’d read almost any story about Dolly Parton on any day of the week , and this one’s no exception. It’s not exceptional, but you won’t regret reading it. 

There are few celebrities who truly deserve the title of living legend.It’s a label thrown around a lot, but very rarely to people whose lives fit the bill. There’s a short list of stars of a certain age whose careers have sustained long enough and whose personal lives have intrigued us deeply enough to earn them a spot. Cher, Robert Redford, Betty White and Barbra Streisand all come to mind. All have maintained illustriously long careers in the world of entertainment, earning them the sort of celebrity status that ensures they’ll always be newsworthy, but do any of them also have a handful of theme parks named after them? No, they don’t.

That distinction belongs, of course, to the one and only Dolly Parton, a bona fide living legend if ever there was one.

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