Republicans’ anger at McCain speaks volumes about America’s tribal politics


#TIA – The reality is that US tribal politics are so out of hand that many Republicans still carry a grudge over McCain as others mourn him

“Sen. John McCain had been dead only a few hours before hard-line critics in his own party began to pounce.

Some tore apart McCain’s unsuccessful first marriage and his military service, reveling in long-debunked conspiracy theories about his time as a prisoner of war. A few suggested that he should “rot in hell.”

“Sorry, phony, fraud and a traitor,” Shawn Halan, a Southern California real estate agent, wrote in a social media post. “He was a pathetic egomaniac bent on fighting conservatism and did it as a pretender!”

“Faux conservative,” added another supporter of President Trump.

“We can admire his service in Vietnam, but also realize he was a scoundrel and backstabber as a politician,” wrote a photographer based in the New York area. “I don’t mourn.””

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