One of the fastest-growing regions of the US could run out of water


#TIA – We always knew the Rio Grande would run out of water but now it’s becoming everyone’s business.

“Three years into one of the most extreme droughts in Texas history, Raymondville city manager Eleazar “Yogi” Garcia was facing a worst-case scenario. It was February 2013, still technically winter in Raymondville, a humble border city of 11,000 about 30 miles north of the Rio Grande, and the two giant border reservoirs—Amistad and Falcon—were only about a third full. For months, farmers in the Rio Grande Valley had been calling elected officials in Texas and Washington, DC, demanding that they force Mexico to release water it owed Texas under treaty obligations. Now, the consequences of a parched river were coming to bear on little Raymondville: Garcia had just received a letter from the city’s water provider stating that it could run out of water in 60 days. It was the first time in the 22 years Garcia had been city manager that he was faced with the prospect of empty taps and tubs.”

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