Many Look To Buddhism For Sanctuary From An Over-Connected World


#TIA – Buddhism is one answer. Just turning off your smartphones, YouTube and the internet might work just as well.

“On the floor of a Zen Buddhist worship space in an apartment building in Washington, D.C., about 15 people recently sat on meditation cushions. They chant sutras and meditate, in complete silence, for a full 30 minutes.

And then one of the lay leaders of the All Beings Zen Sangha, or congregation, conducted a “little exercise.”

“It’s very simple,” said Mark Stone. “If you could take out your screens, stay on them for 12 minutes, doing what you usually do.”

The “Zen Practice and Screen Use” workshop is one of a series that have been held at this zendo, or meditation hall, with the aim of helping participants have a more mindful experience online.”

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