Johnny Mathis, the voice of the ’50s, was always ahead of his time. Now he’s ready to talk about it.


#TIA – The Washington Post has discovered Johnny Mathis, who’s been there all along. For everybody’s listening pleasure

“Johnny Mathis, master of the velvet vibrato, exercises with a personal trainer at 5:30 in the blasted morning every weekday that he’s not on perpetual tour of America’s midsize cities and casinos.

“Everything counts when you’re onstage,” he says, perched on a stationary bike at a hotel gym. “The age thing crept into my life for the first time when I became 80 years old.”

Which was two years ago. Mathis’s self-discipline extends to a practice of limited talking in the days before a concert to maintain his lustrous tenor, “which is everything” — his livelihood, his identity.”

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