‘I’ve lost one of my dearest friends’: Sen. Lindsey Graham gives an emotional statement after John McCain’s death


#TIA – You will be hearing more from us re McCain as this week goes on. There can never be too much said. 

“One of Sen. John McCain’s closest friends on Capitol Hill offered his condolences amid the news of his death on Saturday.

“America and Freedom have lost one of her greatest champions,” Sen. Lindsey Graham of South Carolina said on Twitter. “And I’ve lost one of my dearest friends and mentor.”

“I will need some time to absorb this, but I want Cindy —and the entire McCain family — to know they are in my prayers,” Graham added, referring to McCain’s wife.

Graham’s friendship with McCain grew after Graham, who was then a House Representative, delivered remarks on President Bill Clinton’s impeachment with a light-hearted jab.”

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