Inside the Midterm Campaigns’ Fight to Ward Off Cyberattacks — Before It’s Too Late


#TIA – We know it’s hard to get excited about cyberattacks in midterm elections, but here we are again.

“Melting in South Florida’s humidity, a young congressional campaign manager let his nerves show. Sitting across from a pair of visitors on a café patio, he widened his eyes when they asked if there was any tool he wished he had to help protect his campaign from cyberattacks. “I have no idea! I don’t even know what that would be, to be honest.”

Weeks away from Election Day, the operative’s fear is increasingly common — practically unavoidable in 2018, in fact. Midterm campaigns are entering the fall more anxious than ever about looming threats of email phishing, text hacking, and countless other ominous possibilities that could derail their hopes with the touch of a Muscovite button. And it’s becoming increasingly clear to many that they may just not be ready for what’s coming — or what’s already occurred.”

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