In Conversation: Alex Trebek The Jeopardy! icon on retirement, his legacy, and why knowledge matters.


#TIA – Alex Trebek can come across as well talking in print as did on television with Jeopardy.

Alex Trebek, dressed in a chambray shirt and blue jeans, walks into the plushly carpeted, book-lined study of his rambling Los Angeles home and plops down in an easy chair, draping a leg over an armrest. “People ask me,” he says, “Who would you like to replace you?” He shrugs. “The decision will be out of my hands.” After 35 years as the host of Jeopardy! it’s hard to imagine that the 78-year-old Trebek, who caused fans’ hearts to skip a beat earlier this year when he suggested he might retire in 2020, won’t have a say in who eventually takes his place behind the lectern. It’s even harder to imagine Jeopardy! without him — for us anyway. “It’s a good show,” says Trebek. “It should, and will, go on after I’m done.”

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