How chyrons took on a life of their own


#TIA – By any other name or pronunciation, chyrons (kai-rashns) are just one more irritating legacy of cable news.

“They’ve become a facet of almost every news broadcast, as familiar as the anchor sitting behind a desk. Within moments of the start of a newscast or panel discussion, the info-billboards on the lower third of the TV screen begin their silent unfurling:

• “German ambassador to U.S. responds to Trump’s NATO summit slams,” reads the headline on CNN.

• “With friends like these: Trump remarks irk some NATO members,” says the banner on Fox News at almost the same time.

• “Retired U.S. general: Putin is ‘happiest guy on the planet’ after Trump’s comments,” the caption beneath MSNBC’s talking heads declares a moment or two later.

The on-screen banners known as chyrons (kai-rahns) were once flat, artless labels (“President Holds Press Conference,” “Fire Destroys Home,” etc.) that were about as exciting as an airport arrival-and-departure board.”

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