Gun violence in New Orleans has given champion football coach Brice Brown one mission: Keep his players alive


#TIA – It’s already come to this with sports in New Orleans: the object is just to stay alive.

“Tall clouds gather in the distance, and Brice Brown turns right to point his truck toward the worst of it.

“Summertime in New Orleans,” he says, though on steamy weekend evenings there’s more to worry about than some here-and-gone storm. It’s the last Friday before school starts at Edna Karr High, where Brown has led the football team to the past two Class 4A state championships, and he has been here long enough and immersed himself in enough players’ lives to learn this much: These are the times when bad things happen.

Last weekend, one of Brown’s wide receivers ran away from home. An offensive lineman spent a night on his front porch after a fight with his father. A sophomore disappeared for 48 hours.”

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