George R.R. Martin, ‘Game of Thrones’ Author, on Belichick, the Patriots and Dynasties


#TIA – Just looking at George R. R. Martin makes it hard to look away, but add Sports Illustrated and the Super Bowl and the mix is irresistible.

“Life is meaningless and full of pain,” George R.R. Martin writes. No, it’s not from his Song of Fire and Ice novels—the immersive, bloody and as yet endless tale of the Starks, Lannsters and Targaryens and the war for the Iron Throne—though the sentiment pervades the multimillion-selling books and their wildly popular television version, HBO’s Game of Thrones. The line, rather, is one that recurs on Martin’s LiveJournal blog when he writes about the NFL. A native of Bayonne, N.J., the novelist roots for both the Giants and the Jets, and he hasn’t had much to cheer about on either front in recent years. But he does have a special perspective on Bill Belichick, Tom Brady and the Patriots. SI’s Greg Bishop caught up with Martin via email this week, and asked him for his thoughts on Super Bowl 52.

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