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The Real Hillary Clinton is Good Enough for Me

The Front Page of this issue on September 11 (and perhaps today) features a New York Times opinion page article we heartedly endorse. It is titled “The Bitch America Needs” and without apology makes what may be the strongest case for Hillary Clinton’s candidacy – perhaps even more forcefully than her qualifications for the job. I having often sided with those who wish she were more warm and fuzzy, this article says what her public relations handlers have so long avoided: She is what she is and has always been and if we don’t like it that’s OK.

This page (meaning this writer) has had personal experience with the Clintons at the White House. Coming away from a brief discussion with the then First Lady I was disappointed not to have evoked a warmer reaction. Some minutes later, after a similar discussion with the then President, he owned me for life. I often remark about the second meeting, rarely about the first. 

I keep rooting for the other Hillary to show herself but I’ve given up on that score. I’ll settle for this dedicated public servant who after three decades in the public spotlight has never given in an inch to all the world could throw at her, and has the courage and purpose to keep coming back for more. She has won the badge of “Invictus.” Bloody but unbowed.


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