For Esther Perel, Romance and Power Are Intertwined


#TIA – The relationship podcast where everybody’s secrets are her cup of tea — and expertise.

Esther Perel is listening to me jabber on about my relationship.

This is not how an interview is supposed to go; I’m the one who is supposed to be asking the questions and listening to the answers. But less than a half-hour into our breakfast, I’m talking about my boyfriend: how we met nearly ten years ago in Chicago; how we dated for a few months, broke up, and got back together again; how that second round didn’t last very long, and I moved to New York and we both dated different people; how years—and one major relationship apiece—later we got back together; he moved to New York to live with me, and (at the time of our interview) we are about to move together to Los Angeles, where he’s from.

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