Cold-Case Cure: Inside New Era of Hunting Serial Killers


#TIA – We get remarkably little satisfaction in reading that the discovery of DNA is leading to a longer list of serial killers.

“For more than 25 years, Christy Mirack’s murder was shrouded in mystery — longer than the beloved Pennsylvania schoolteacher was alive. Mirack was found dead in her home just a few days before Christmas 1992, strangled and badly beaten, her clothes askew as if she had been sexually assaulted. The presents she had collected for her students were never delivered.

The ferocity and seeming senselessness of the crime stunned the community, including Mirack’s younger brother Vince, a medical device salesman. “I always try to keep it out there in the forefront that she was a great person,” Vince tells Rolling Stone. “The children that she taught adored her, the parents did; her colleagues did. [Teaching] was something that she worked for her whole short life, and it was tragically taken away from her — just like that.””

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