CNN’s Nima Elbagir on slavery, child labor, and reporting in the age of Trump


As CNN finds itself, again and again, the target of President Trump, the network’s senior international correspondent, Nima Elbagir, continues to produce reporting that gives life to the president’s “fake news” attacks. Last fall, her investigation into human slavery in Libya produced international outrage, and her recent report from the Democratic Republic of Congo exposed child labor violations in the mining of cobalt, a mineral widely used in green energy products.

The Sudanese-born Elbagir won a Polk Award for the Libyan slave-trade story, and says she’s aware of her responsibility as a role model for both women journalists and reporters from the African continent. She sees her work as a threat to those in the US and abroad who embrace “fake news” attacks to discredit the media, telling CJR that those in power fear journalism because it is “capable of changing the climate and the culture, and opening people’s eyes in really powerful ways.”

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