Apple’s worth $1 trillion. So what?


#TIA – Apple gets the sour-grapes treatment from Quartz. Rarely has one presumably profit-making organization been moved to such a cynical reading of another’s success.

“Congratulations, Apple! You are now the US’s first company to ever to be valued at $1 trillion, and surely on a path to becoming a modern-day Dutch East India Company.

After being close to bankruptcy, death knells ringing in the media, Apple reinstated its original, visionary leader, Steve Jobs, as CEO in 1997. The rest writes itself. Apple went gone on to have a string of blockbuster hits—the iMac, the iPod, the MacBook, the iPhone, and the iPad, to name a few—that has seen it become a luxury-goods manufacturer like no company before it. And since Jobs’s passing, CEO Tim Cook has steered the company to become a well-oiled business that keeps putting out products that are at least slightly more interesting than the ones that came before them. Apple can seemingly do no wrong—financially, at least.”

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