AP Photo/Orlin Wagner Even AMC is in the subscription game now. MOVIE PAST We’re experiencing the biggest revolution in movie-ticket prices in decades


#TIA – One way or another, they’re determined to find a way to sell you a ticket to the movies

“MoviePass may fail, but it’s changing moviegoing for the better.

Major theater chains like AMC Theatres and boutique cinemas like Alamo Drafthouse are experimenting with subscription platforms that make it more affordable to go the movies more regularly. Others, like Regal Cinemas, have talked about testing demand-based pricing that would make it cheaper to go to movies during off-peak periods. That kind of innovation would’ve been hard to imagine a decade ago.

Little has changed about the way movies are priced in the US since the 1970s. Theaters still charge the same price to see blockbusters like Star Wars as they do for arthouse films such as Call Me By Your Name.”

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