Ann Coulter believes the left has ‘lost its mind’. Should we listen?


#TIA – Ann Coulter has never before convinced this observer of virtually anything, but in this case it may be prudent to pay her heed.

“If I were the Democrats,” Ann Coulter tells me on a recent morning in New York, “I would admit that we have totally effed over our working class, admit that there are legitimate complaints, that heroin coming over the southern border is destroying America. The Democrats could 100% steal the White House from Trump, because he’s not doing it.”

In person, Coulter, the bestselling author and personality who has recently taken to comparing the liberal media to cancer cells, is friendly and seemingly earnest. Her face is free of the smirk it often wears in photos, but she has the same long, lean features and razor-straight hair that have been plastered on the dustjackets of so many books, and the same unblinking intensity.”

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