‘All politics is personal’: Biden recalls his bond with McCain in a bipartisan time


#TIA – There can be enough said about John MCain, and certainly more eloquently than by his daughter Meghan. But make sure you notice what Joe Biden had to say. 

“Joe Biden’s emotional tribute Thursday doubled as a lecture to today’s politicians, particularly the couple dozen U.S. senators who were on hand.

“All politics is personal,” the former vice president said at the memorial service here for John McCain. “It’s all about trust. And I trusted John with my life.”

Biden, who bonded with the 2008 Republican presidential nominee in their 22 years together in the Senate, explained that their bipartisan friendship now seems as if it came from “another age.” At one point, Biden turned to his left inside North Phoenix Baptist Church, stared at the current senators and essentially chastised them about how they have let a great institution wither into today’s daggers-drawn partisan environment.”

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