A new book argues that peace—not war—will inspire biotech’s biggest breakthroughs


#TIA – “Peace not war” was supposed to save us in the 60’s and someone’s trying to convince us again in the 21st century.

In the 20th century, World War II prompted a technological revolution. Physicists and engineers came together to develop atomic energy, rockets, aircraft, remote sensing devices, and more—items that would transform the world. Although their research was eventually adapted for civilian use, much of their work was funded by governments in the service of violence.

Today, the world is once again on the cusp of an innovation boom—with a few key differences, according to The Age of Living Machines, a forthcoming book from Susan Hockfield, president emerita at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. The next tech revolution won’t be led by physicists, but by biologists. And this time, she writes, “we will be motivated not by the threat of war but the promise of peace.”

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