21 new tech jobs that will define the next decade of IT work


#TIA – Considering that we may one day be applying for one of these new tech jobs, it’s not too soon to start getting prepared.

With technology flooding the enterprise, many people fear the emergence of tech will take over their jobs. However, tech like artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning will actually create more jobs for humans, according to a recent Cognizant report. The report outlines 21 “plausible and futuristic” jobs that will surface in the next decade.

The 21 jobs follow three major underlying themes: Ethical behaviors, security and safety, and dreams, said the report. These themes come from humans’ deeper aspirations for the future of the enterprise and daily life. Humans want machines to be ethical; humans want to feel safe in a technologically-fueled future; and humans always dreamt of a futuristic world, which is coming to fruition, according to the report.

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